Alabama Children's Home

Serving Children

The mission of the Free Will Baptist Children’s Home is to provide a loving, Christian home to children who are hurting or struggling with life’s challenges or troubled domestic situations.

The Free Will Baptist Children’s Home doors were opened to children in 1947 and has been operating continually ever since, providing care for over 1000 children. The Home is a ministry of the Alabama State Association of Free Will Baptists and licensed by the Alabama Department of Human Resources. Children are accepted solely on the basis of need with no discrimination based on gender, race, or social background.

Children are directed to the Home by parents, family members, friends, pastors, court officials, or child care professionals. Our children come from varios situations including homes impacted by separation, divorce, neglect, family crisis, substance and/or physical abuse. The entire staff is committed to providing a high quality home environment that meets the need of these children.

We are not interested in “institutionalizing” children—making them all act, look, and feel alike. We are interested in making a home away from home for these children. We know that we cannot take the place of a real home, nor can staff members take the place of parents or blood relatives, but we can give tenderness, love and understanding, and allow the children to be children. We want to hear our buildings ring with laughter, and see our children joyously participating in activities which other children enjoy. Most of all, we want to introduce our children to the love of the Lord, Jesus Christ, and plant seeds in their life that will produce responsible, Christ centered adults.